Why You Need a Website and
 How to Get One Simply, Quickly, and without Techie Skills
or Investing a Bunch of Money!

Tony Papajohn here.

Let me say this first. The following may sound harsh and
“in your face” to some. I do not mean it that way.

However, somebody needs to say these things. It may as
well be me!

So I make no apologies. This is the 21st century.

The days are long gone when a Macintosh grew on
a tree and Capt. Kirk had the only cell phone!

Here is the unvarnished truth: As a local small business owner
or professional, you are either moving ahead or falling behind.

A choice you make every day.

So let’s begin with a little history you might not know.

Did You Know This about the Telephone?

In the first decades of the telephone, many                           businesses did not see it as a business tool.

Believe it or not, many thought "We have telegraph.
Why talk to anyone?"

They saw it as luxury item. The attitude was "We didn't
need this before. Why do we need it now?"

It wasn't until after World War II that the telephone
became a fixture of American life. Today,virtually 100%
of households have a phone.

Many have several. Lots can look up a website.

Enough said?      

Remember the Yellow Pages?

At one time, marketing gurus taught entire courses
(available on cassette) about effective Yellow Page

This marketing staple ceased print publication after just
over a century. However, by the early 2000’s, the trend
to online search was obvious and unstoppable.

Very likely, you remember when almost every household
(in 75 countries!) had a Yellow Pages or the equivalent.

Now you can only find them in a dusty attic or the Smithsonian!

Again I ask "Enough said?"    

But Wait! There's More!

Ninety-seven percent of today’s consumers go online to find a local business or professional.

Just over a third consider a business that does not have a website as lacking credibility and professionalism. (Of course, they don’t tell you this because you don’t hear from them.)

Sixty-three percent of consumers browse three websites before making an initial contact.

Eighty-three percent of local business searches result in an email, a phone call, or a walk-in visit.

Again I will ask “Enough said?”

But Wait! There's Even More!

Here are some common responses when the 21st Century says "You need a website!"

I don't need any more business.

Are you kidding? No matter what you do or how good you are, some of your base will get mad at you, move away, change their needs, and some will even die!

A website helps you retain your base and deal with inevitable attrition. You're right. You don't need any more business... until you need it!.

I already have listings.

Great! You're surrounded by competitors at least some of whom have a website. 

One click and they can tell their stories. You cannot. Why give them an advantage?

My business is too small.

Were you too small to incorporate or get a business license? Or comply with who knows how many state and local regulations?

A website is an 24-hour electronic bulletin board that tells prospects about you, your offerings, how you serve them, and how to contact you. Why turn away the local night owls who prefer to find you at 2AM?

Does this not insure you will stay "too small?"

I don't sell stuff online.

So what? You sell stuff, do you not?

Whether a product or a service, a website says "Here is what I do, where I'm at, and how to contact me. Get in touch!" Then sell your stuff.

Depending on what you do, you might get the chance to present your offering within 20 minutes of a prospect finding you online.

Websites are so impersonal. I prefer the personal touch.

Do you know what a website really is? Do you realize that it's an electronic handshake that precedes a real handshake?

Lots more people to shake hands with electronically than you can in person. Then establish trust and go from there. And this is someone you might not have met otherwise

Why let them shake hands with a competitor?

My folks don't use computers.

If your "folks" have a lot candles on the birthday cake, do you realize that the fastest growing segment of the newly computer-literate is between the ages of 50 and 75?

If you serve this age group and do it well, why send them to a competitor's story when you could tell your own?

I'm on Facebook.

Facebook is not a website! It's social media. Not for telling your story and building trust. It's a place to say "Hi! Come visit! Here's the link." Then tell your story, build trust, and get a call. And you have to abide by Mark Zuckerberg's rules. These can change overnight. In your own electronic place, it's your story and your rules.

But Wait! There's Still More!

Here's the #1 Reason Why a Small Business or Professional Practice Does Not Have a Website... and the Simple Solution

Take a look. You might think this and not know what to do about it.

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