2. BONUS #1: How do I use this domain name? How does it make me money? 

If your domain name is easy to say, easy to spell, and easy to remember then... tell everybody! Spread the word! Why would you not?

Do it every which way. Your new domain name is an effective billboard that directs the off-line world to your online story. Why make it the best-kept secret in town? Makes zero sense.

It's simple and easy to say, spell, and remember. Take advantage of that. You have an edge in your market. Seize it!

As a bonus for investing in your new domain name, I have prepared a short PDF guide 
"Six Simple and Obvious Ways to Promote Your Domain Name without Stress, Strain, or Techie Skills."

All simple ideas. Nothing complicated. Nothing you probably haven't heard before, but something you might not have done... yet!

Think of it like this. This is what many of your competitors won't do because they think it doesn't matter. Let them think that. If you are reading this with more than passing curiosity and not because you are just "killing time," you know better. 

Here's what you will learn:

  • Why your domain name is more than just a URL.
  • Why a domain name that is easy to say, spell, and remember makes you money.
  • Why "Nothing new" does not mean "Nothing to do."
  • Five real life examples of domain names that do not work and cost someone money.
  • What to do with your existing domain name. Simple. Effective.
  • What you don't have to put on a new business card.
  • How your domain name turns a chance meeting into a prospect.
  • Why a new domain name gets free press.
  • The sign maker that said "That's a good idea!" Not making this up!
  • He made $10,000 even though his wife did not like this advertising.
  • How to "dress for success" memorably.
  • Why the best are not always the most successful.

I've included this guide to prime your creativity about turning your new digital asset into bank deposits. All simple stuff really. And it all adds up.

Figure in the lifetime value of a customer. Throw in referrals.It all makes a good, memorable local domain a sound investment.

Click below and get it now!

And one more thing...

After you complete your transaction with Afternic.com, go to the Contact Page (link at top of this page) and send me a message saying you invested in this domain name.

That's the only way I can get your email address and send you the bonus on this page.

Not to worry! That's the only use I will make of your email address.


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