3. BONUS #2: Is this domain name going to help me with Google?

The short answer is: Not really. It’s a signal to Google, but not a ticket to the top spot.

Frankly, if you want the top stop in Google… and you want to stay there, well… it’s complicated and it’s not cheap! Your new domain name will help, but it’s only a start.

Can you take matters into your own hands and help yourself? Yes!

And it’s pretty simple and it does not cost anything.

Generate content. Do so at least a time or two a month.

You might say “You mean articles? Are you kidding? I’m not a writer!”

I say “So what?” With this simple system, you don’t have to be a writer. Not even close!

In fact, if you can put a few simple sentences together (or even have someone do this for you) and add your own expertise, you can generate all the content you need.

Google will see you are updating your site. Your visitors will learn something and gain confidence in what you say. You will make new contacts.

Everybody is happy! Life is good.

That’s why I have included the short PDF guide 
“How to Generate Content Quickly and Easily without Cost, Strain, Stress, or Writing Skills” along with your new domain name.

Here's what you will learn:

  • How to generate a regular and dependable supply of content.
  • How to generate content quickly even if you barely got through high school English!
  • What makes this system work. Not writing skills!
  • The silent conversation that makes you massively mediocre.
  • Why the best hairstylist I’ve ever known still struggles.
  • The market that does not exist.
  • The two things this guide will do for you.
  • What this guide is not and why it helps you anyway.
  • The Google statistic to keep in mind.
  • The two key ideas that make this strategy work.
  • Where to find all the content you will ever need. It’s free!
  • The Google misconception that doesn't matter.
  • How to “fill in the blank” and generate your content fast.
  • Simple phrases that make this even easier.
  • What to do if you can’t fill in the blanks quickly. No kidding!
  • The most important point that is really simple.
  • Why “just get it done” works best.
  • The “secret sauce” and why it’s important.
  • An important, yet obvious point about your local area.
  • What makes this system work.
  • How to improve your rankings in Google. Disclaimer alert!
  • What you can do with videos and stand out from competitors.
  • The one thing to keep in mind before paying someone to rank you in Google.
  • Why you only have to be a little better than your competitors.

So get your new marketing asset below and I will send this PDF to you.

You will have your good domain name. A real good deal.

This means it will pay for itself quickly.

Click below now!

And one more thing...

After you complete your transaction with Afternic.com, go to the Contact Page (link at top of this page) and send me a message saying you invested in this domain name.

That's the only way I can get your email address and send you the bonus on this page.

Not to worry! That's the only use I will make of your email address.


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