4. Do People Really Buy Domain Names Like This? 

The Pareto Principle is more commonly known as the “80/20” rule. You’ve heard of that, have you not?

It means that 20% of the participants in your local market enjoy 80% of the business. Conversely, 80% of the participants scrounge for the leftovers.

And the market or location do not matter at all. Same two groups… every time… every place… every business.

Without realizing it, Dr. Vilfredo explained a lot. Smart guy!

For our present purposes, this is what the 80/20 Principle means. Pretty simple, really.

Frankly, the prospects for a memorable domain name like this are not found among the 80% that scrounges for the 20%. This types shrugs and says “I’m doing OK and I don’t need that and it won’t do me any good anyway” and goes back to scrounging.

No comment here.

The leaders… or those that want to be leaders… are different. They seek an edge. They do so at every turn.

They seek every possible advantage. They are relentless and hold themselves to a high standard.

That’s why this type invests in a domain name that is easy to say, easy to spell, easy to remember, and a “dot com.”

It’s a business tool that offers marketing advantages. I outline them briefly on the home page.

It’s an edge. It’s a plus.It’s an asset that helps.

So I invite you to invest in an asset that either keeps you in the 20% or gets you there!

That is, if I say "the 20% that enjoys 80% of the business" and you say "Hey! That's me!"

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